At Rise, 50% of children have disabilities and the other 50% are traditional learners, or children without disabilities. The inclusion of children of differing abilities at Rise is known as an “integrated environment,” and it is core to the school’s mission. The short and long-term benefits of an integrated environment are equally great for children with and without disabilities.

Rise is committed to providing children with the full range of supports they need during their most formative years. Therapies are integrated into the learning environment on a daily basis. Rise will be the only preschool in San Antonio that delivers intensive education, intervention and therapy during the entire formative infant, toddler and preschool years in a school-wide integrated environment.


Therapy services are integrated into the learning environment so that students’ developmental needs are consistently supported. Therapists work side-by-side with teachers to infuse therapeutic strategies into all activities


Helps children engage in play at every stage of development. The goal is to restore, reinforce and enhance performance while promoting health and the learning of new adaptive skills.


Aims to help children better navigate their environment by working on strength, flexibility, balance and coordination.

Speech & Language

Involves a wide variety of skills including imitating sounds, linking sounds together to form words, understanding that words have meaning and much more.


Uses music, music strategies and the relationship that develops through shared musical experiences to help children achieve non-musical goals.

Learning Without Tears

Makes the recognition and formation of letters and numbers fun for children through music and body movement.

Assessment Evaluation Programming System (AEPS)

Matches individual learning goals and objectives with activities to teach those skills. After each child is assessed, our teachers select learning goals based on their performance.

Conscious Discipline

Draws from current brain research, child development information and developmentally appropriate practices to foster emotional intelligence in both teachers and children.

Signing Time

Used to enhance visual language reception, ease frustration with language and help younger children communicate before they can speak.

Individualized Learning

Goals for each child are based on their individual strengths and needs, present level of performance and zone of proximal development.

The School as a Family

Emphasis is placed on the family as the primary decision-maker in each child’s program. Families receive daily communication and comprehensive reports.